Remodelling apartment Barcelona

Beautiful apartment in Barcelona (Aragón st.)

The challenge is to find the balance between the existing and the new. Recover and revalue the attributes of the original apartment, rejecting what blurs the look and disturbs the perception of the space that is desired to be spacious and open.
The project consists of a diagonal central corridor full of doors and distributors, a characteristic element of Eixample flats, where all the space is unified to the maximum around a long wooden wall that acts as a screen between the public and the private.
On one side we find the public area, with the dining room / living room, kitchen, all of them connected to each other next to the rear façade of the building enjoying the most views and orientation. In second term we have the service spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms.
The proposal recovers and extols both the original mosaics and its Catalan vaulted ceilings.
The project consists of framing the mosaic floors surrounding it with a natural oak parquet like colored rugs set into the pavement. From this wooden perimeter base, it is where all the heating, water and electricity installations have passed.
The central element of the apartment, which is the wooden wall, which grows to a height of only 2.27m, is the fact that we understand that it is the most domestic, intimate and human level below the monumental ceilings of the mid-20th century. .
Thus the space folds with the geometry of this new closure, compacts, opens and dilates depending on the demands of the project.
It is no longer necessary to resort to doors or walls, since the user perceives and understands the different zones of the house as he walks through the space around this partition, letting himself be carried away by the game of levels and diagonals that it offers.
The wood is delimited by an iron sheet, so that the transfer between the public areas and the rooms always occurs through a threshold under the iron.
It is an apartment in the Eixample, where the original values are recovered and praised throughout a new piece that must be as singular, surprising and innovative as it is discreet, flexible and respectful at the service of people and promoting life that must happen together. to her.

View from the living room
Living room
Living room 2

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